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  • Multispeciality centre with specialists and professionals under one roof for well integrated services.
  • Trained, experienced professionals from various hospitals, schools and organizations working exclusively with children and adolescents since many years.
  • Child and adolescent friendly setup with "multimodal holistic" approach to deal with children, adolescents and young people.
  • An exclusive multispeciality centre dedicated for emotional, social and psychological needs of children, adolescent, young people, parents and families.


Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) is a cognitive intervention/brain development program. The FIE program has been successfully used all over the world as a tool for the enhancement of learning potential and cognitive functioning of children and adults. For individuals with special needs, FIE is used as a remediation program. For higher functioning learners IE is a tool of cognitive enrichment. It boosts the cognitive functioning/intelligence of a child.


  • Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia), ADHD
  • Mental Retardation, Slow Learners, Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or
  • Limited language abilities
  • Children who are not getting good marks, but they are intelligent
  • Cognitive intervention for children with Epilepsy and Brain Injury


1. Eye-hand Coordination/Perceptual-motor development, orientation toward learning
processes, attention & concentration, and planning behaviour (becoming more

2. Understanding and following instructions, systematic scan and search of information,
reducing impatience and impulsivity.

3. Understanding emotions in self and others, responding appropriately to others'
emotions, improving social behaviour, developing empathy, addressing anger and
behavioural problems.

4. Thinking skills, cause-effect relationship, and higher order thinking skills.

5. Program can be modified and used for other areas, too.

 FIE was included into the package of educational reform programs recommended by the US Department of Education. IE is the most researched of the cognitive interventionprograms and different research studies have established its effectiveness.
Intelligence (IQ) can be changed and FIE does that.

FIE program seeks to correct deficiencies in fundamental thinking skills, provides students with the concepts, skills, strategies, operations and techniques necessary to function as independent learners, increases their motivation, and in simple words helps students learn how to learn.

As an "early intervention" it works to enable students who are at special risk for their
development, or those individuals who have not acquired basic foundational knowledge and skills, to respond to the direct world of stimuli and develop the pre-requisite cognitive

The general goals of the program are to provide acceleration of cognitive/brain development, the prevention of cognitive dysfunctions, or the remediation of dysfunctions or gaps in skill and cognitive/brain development. The program ultimately makes the child learn 'how to think'.

Age Group: 3 years to any age

Latest Programs & Events

CAPTAIN'S LOG MIND POWER BUILDER- a computerised mental gym

We have launched a new computer game based brain training software called CAPTAIN'S LOG MIND POWER BUILDER- a computerised mental gym

Parent Empowerment Program (PEP) Series 3

Parent Empowerment Program (PEP) Series 3 is going to start from 15th February

Dr. Deepak Gupta has been appointed as the 'President'

Dr. Deepak Gupta has been appointed as the 'President' of the Delhi Psychiatric Society for 2015

Successful completion of Certificate Course for Parent Training, Batch 1 (CCPT)

Successful completion of Certificate Course for Parent Training (CCPT), Batch 1. Soon to start with CCPT, Batch-2.

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" We've found the ray of hope coming here & we believe that this hope will lead us to success with the ongoing progress of the centre & our beloved child"

Mohammad Monirul Islam - First Secretary and HOC Bangladesh High Commission, New Delhi, India


"Dr. Gupta and his team are highly charged professionals who understand & know what to do, when & how. Most importantly our son enjoys his sessions & we hove seen real progress & results, as have his teachers & family. A great caring & knowledgeable set up where the clinic strives for success & where the results speak for themselves.

Jagdish Johal, London (U.K.)

CCAW Carnival Video

Shilpa Gupta P20 Talks 2016 Goa, India

Celebrating 10 Years

Books & Publications

PARENT INFORMATION BOOK- "AUTISM & BEYOND Series 2" Launched at the CCAW carnival-Celebrate Autism

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