Neurofeedback training is a direct training of the brain which allows it to function more efficiently. It senses the brain waves that are responsible for efficient functioning of the brain, especially paying attention, relaxed mind, etc. The brain is observed in action from moment to moment. Activity of these brain waves can be monitored on the computer screen and the information is provided back to the child. When the brain changes the activity to more appropriate patterns, it is rewarded (by changing the colour of the brain), thus leading to a gradual learning process.

At CCAW, Neurofeedback is paired with Captain’s Log MindPower Builder to bring about optimum results. While working on the cognitive skills through computer games, the brain is also functionally trained in the skill through neurofeedback.


The child typically experiences ‘paying attention’. For the game to work and to change the colour of the brain symbol presented on the screen, the child is required to consciously make an effort to pay attention. By such repeated attempts, the child gets habitual of using the brain in a similar pattern, where the waves are activated thus, keeping the brain in an attentive and an alert state. Neurofeedback essentially trains the brain to regain better control and focus.

As neurofeedback involves gradual learning by the brain and building on the pre-existing skills, the brain continues to use its new capabilities for efficient functioning. The device only scans the brain waves and does not emit any harmful waves. It is non-intrusive and absolutely safe. Neurofeedback is the brain equivalent of physical exercises, and as with physical training, fatigue is the most commonly reported concern after a session.

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