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Captain’s Log’s Mind Power Builder is a computer assisted gaming software that specially works on cognitive restructuring of the brain. Although they are computer games, these low-stimulation games are scientifically built to strengthen areas of the brain corresponding to the skills that require further training.

Primary skills targeted by this software are:

1. Paying Attention and Better Focus

2. Learning and Memory

3. Listening Skills

4. Decision Making and Problem Solving

5. Eye – Hand Coordination

The software has an inbuilt assessment system which allows us to assess the levels of the skills and make the training the program for the child. Training is matched to the level of your child’s skill. There are over 2000 games with 15 stages in 3 difficulty levels, gradually increasing in difficulty.

Research suggests that there are changes seen from 20 hours of training done regularly. In one week, two hours of training is essential. Therefore, within three months of regular training, changes can be seen.

While choosing the weekly plan for your child, it is important to remember that the games are aimed towards strengthening certain areas of the brain – a task that requires mental effort and strain. Therefore, one must base this decision on logistics as well as the child’s capability to perform continuous mental tasks.

The software comes with an in-built progress chart which allows us to view the child’s progress at any point during the training. The chart allows us to view which stage of each game the child has achieved every time he/she plays a game.

Integrated Visual and Auditory Test (IVA)

Along with the cognitive skills we also test how much attention is the child paying through IVA which is Integrated Visual and Auditory Test, a Continuous Performance Test (CPT) which typically assesses General Attention, Sustained Attention and Response Control, both visually and auditory, and gives objective scores for all of them. It approximately takes about 15 minutes for the test to be completed. The software generates immediate results after the completion of the test.


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